MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Postgraduate in IT both from Amity University. Double Degree; BA in Leadership and Management, BSc in Computer-Science.  Did my studies on CCT, CCNA, CCNP, Security+, Linux+, Pentest+. Worked as Teacher, Manager, Monitoring, and Evaluation Officer. Talented, energetic, and persuasive teacher professional with over 10 years experience and consultant.Creative and persistent; skilled in listening with empathy and assessing and giving complete feedback upon the job schedule. Effective team player is known for dynamic interpersonal and communication skills. Self-motivated; comfortable taking the initiative and working independently. Demonstrated commitment to learning new skills and procedures. Team player is known for supporting others. I have also worked in IT institutions and non-IT institutions, organizations from 2007 a part-time/full-time and I have been managing and teaching different institutions which I can’t mention here.

Currently, I'm a network engineer on the biggest telecommunication in east Africa. Golis Telecom. I'm the CEO of Abyad and Co Trading Company and XirfadKaab small consulting and training organization.