Process Modelling with Signavio

Learn process Modelling with Signavio

Course Description

Process Modelling with SAP Signavio

(SAP Signavio helps you run your business process transformations end-to-end, allowing your organization to drive strategic change and reinvent the customer experience. It enables you to proactively analyze, model, execute, learn, and improve business processes.)

Target Audience-

This training course is for all those who want to understand Modelling. 

This course is useful for those who are

1- New to Process Management

2- New to Process Modelling

3- New to SAP Signavio

This course is also useful for decision makers who are involved in purchase of Modelling tool for the organisation

Industrial Engineering students can also benefit from this course

Training Content-

  1. Introduction to Process Modeling

  2.  BPMN 2.0

  3. Introduction to SAP Signavio

  4. Modelling with SAP Signavio

    1. Adding Attributes

    2. Quick Model

    3. Graphical Editor

    4. Customer Journey

    5. Value Chain

    6. EPC

    7. Organizational Chart

    8. Business Decision Diagram

    9. Enterprise Architecture Diagram

    10. SAP Signavio Journey Model

  5. Diagram Comparison

  6. Introduction to Dictionary

  7. Report Generation

    1. Process Documentation (PDF)

    2. Process Documentation (Word)

    3. Process Cost Analysis

    4. Resource Consumption Analysis

  8. Simulation with SAP Signavio

    1. Step by Step

    2. Single case

    3. Multiple cases

    4. Creating and comparing "To Be" Scenarios

  9. Share For feedback

  10. Introduction to Lean Management

  11. Edit Diagrams (Copy/ Rename/ Delete)

  12. Import /Export

  13. Process Collaboration


  • To train new aspirants in Modeling using SAP Signavio
  • Simplifying and accelerating business process transformation-
  • With SAP Signavio solutions for business process transformation, you can understand and transform existing business processes while you optimize operational excellence and customer experiences to build a more resilient and sustainable business.


  • Basic understanding of Process Mapping
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Process Modelling with Signavio
This Course Includes
  • 3 hours
  • 17 Lectures
  • Completion Certificate Sample Certificate
  • Lifetime Access Yes
  • Language English
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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