Probability And Distribution With Solved Problems By Spotle.ai

Learn probability and distribution explained in detail with solved problems and exercises

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   Probability, Statistics, Data Analysis, Data Science and AI ML, Data Analytics

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   Published on 04/2022



One of the most talked about career option today is a career in Data Science. In this Spotle.ai course we focus on building the foundation solid. Probability, random variables and probability distributions form the foundation of building complex algorithms.

This course is also highly recommended for the students of standard 12 to graduations who are dong major in Statistics. Each and every topic in this Spotle.ai compact course has been explained with multiple examples. At the end 30 problems have been explained in detail and solved. 20 exercises have been added to help you check that you have understood the topics very well.

In all Spotle.ai courses we have created the videos so that you will need minimum time to learn, so that you can give more time to applying them in real-life.

What Will I Get ?

  • The concepts of probability, random variables and basic distribution explained through detailed videos
  • Learn advanced concepts such as conditional probability, Bayes' theorem

  • How to solve probability problems

  • Random variables - continuous and discrete variables

  • The probability distribution curves

  • You will practice all concepts through exercises, solved problems


  • In this Spotle.ai compact course you will start from the scratch.
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