Principles of Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

  Dr. John McLellan

   Teaching & Academics, Online Education

  Language - English

   Published on 01/2021



This is an introductory financial accounting course that covers all the financial accounting concepts offered in an introductory financial accounting course at university or college. 

Learn and Master the Financial Accounting Process.

  • Understand that accounting is the language of business.

  • Know business terminology (biz speak).

  • Understand the difference between a corporation and a single proprietorship.

  • Know the three forms of business - service company, merchandise company and a manufacturer.

  • Understand an Income Statement and how to prepare one.

  • Understand a Balance Sheet and how to prepare one.

  • Know how to analyse and record business transactions

  • Learn how to use debits and credits to record business transactions.

  • Know how to use the accounting journal and ledger,

  • Complete a set of accounting records for a service business using excel spreadsheets.

  • Complete a set of accounting records for a merchandise company using excel spreadshe

What Will I Get ?

  • Know how to identify a business transaction
  • Be able to record transactions using debits and credits
  • Be able to post to the ledger
  • Prepare an income statement and balance sheet
  • Complete the accounting records for a small business


  • some understanding of Excel
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