Prasanna wanted to buy deodorant from the shop. While buying a bottle, he felt that it was slightly heavier than the usual deodorant bottle that he purchased every time. He read the weight mentioned on the bottle and told the shopkeeper to weigh the same. He found the bottle was heavy, and on opening the deodorant bottle, he found it half-filled with water. He complained about the matter to the consumer authority.
(a) Define density.
(b) Apart from water, what is the other substance that some shopkeepers add to the deodorant?
(c) What value of Prasanna is reflected in this act?

 (a) Density of any substance is defined to be the mass of the substance per unit volume.
(b) One can add some cheap gases or compressed air in the deodorant bottles.
(c) Prasanna showed the value of being having leadership quality, rightful, aware and responsible citizen.


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Updated on: 14-Mar-2023


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