Practical Real Company's Financial Modeling + Valuation 2021

You will be most preferable candidate for getting a job/advance your career in Financial Modeling from the day 1!

  Sanjeev Mittal

   Business, Finance & Accounting, Financial Modeling

  Language - English

   Published on 11/2021



**Updated for October, 2021**

  • Are you a person who want to apply your brain in Real world Financial Modeling and Valuation?

  • Are you really looking for a course which can advance your knowledge of Financial Modeling?

  • Are you graduate looking for starting your first job in finance world?

  • Are you a professional looking for a pay hike or new position?

  • Would you like to be your team lead in financial modelling projects?

If answers to above questions is yes, then this is the perfect course for you !

Experience of Instructor

  • Mr. CA Sanjeev Mittal had worked with Treasury and Finance department of multiple listed companies for more than 7+ years.

  • He is having experience of taught more than 15,000+ students online and offline both.

  • He had advised multiple companies on their financial model and Business valuation.

Learn the advance Financial Modeling from the expert who had walked on the same path several times in the past.

You shall get the best understanding of:

  • Building sound financial model for real world company Caterpillar Inc

  • Gain and learn in-depth understanding of company valuation and Intrinsic value of Shares

  • Demonstrate superior skills at Work or University

  • Get ready for Investment Banking, Consulting career or any job Interview

You will get the best:

  • Understanding of Material and well-structured course

  • Detailed Explanation and Downloadable Resources

  • Regular Course update as required

After completing this course, you will be great at:

  • Build Real world Projected Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement for any company

  • Know the Real intrinsic value of a company

  • Create Financial Model for a Company based upon real data

About the Course:

  • Very Basic understanding of finance is needed to start this course.

  • Unlimited access to all resources, excel files, sheets, links and much more.

  • Learning by doing

  • You can contact us in message and we shall clarify your queries free of charge.

Are you ready to make a choice of higher return on investment by purchasing this course? Still there is an unconditional 30 days money back guarantee, because we believe in quality content and client satisfaction. Go ahead and subscribe this course so that you don’t miss the opportunity to separate yourself from others and get to the top of your career. Let’s start learning together.

What Will I Get ?

  • Finding real world cost of capital and business value of companies

  • Build projected income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement for Caterpillar Inc

  • Find the intrinsic value so that Buy/Sell recommendation for shares can be given

  • Master the financial modeling for real world companies

  • Design Professional and good-looking charts to advance your career

  • Direct Important discussion, no unnecessary stuff – so that your time can be saved


  • Very basic knowledge of finance

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