Practical C++: Learn C++ Basics Step by Step

Get Started Quickly with C++: Only Hands-on Lessons and Practice to Master C++ Basics.

  Edouard Renard

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Language - English Published on 08/2021

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You are new to programming and you want to learn C++ Basics fast?

Or… You’re already a C++ developer and want a quick and to-the-point refresher of the basics?

And, you prefer to learn by doing? → This C++ course is for you.

No prerequisite needed for this course: just a computer and a strong will to learn.

 Why this course?

C++ is a quite particular language: it’s one of the oldest one in the market (many other languages are in fact based on C++), and it’s used in every possible industry in the world.

C++ is considered as “hard to learn”. Well, it’s maybe harder to learn than other languages such as Python or JavaScript, but in return, you get some huge advantages: you can code with one of the most powerful languages in the world - which opens many possibilities that are not available with other “less powerful” languages. Also, and this can be an important factor for you: if you’re looking for a job, having C++ knowledge will help you stand out, and maybe get a better salary. The reasoning here is quite simple: as C++ is harder, you have less competition, and companies are willing to pay more.

And now, “harder” doesn’t mean “impossible”, if you have the right resources to start with.

I’ve created this course with one thing in mind: to give you, as fast as possible, the knowledge and practice you really need to master C++ basics. No more, no less. 

And I’ve made the explanations as simple and easy as possible so you can get started and get motivated to learn more about C++.

This is not a complete 50h course where you learn everything about everything. No, this course is about going to the point and getting the basics.

With this practical C++ course you will get what you really need to start. Then you will be able to efficiently use this C++ foundation to learn and work in many different fields:

  • Video games

  • Embedded software

  • Robotics (my favorite!)

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Operating systems

  • And many more.

How do I teach

  • Step by step: each section, each lesson, is built on top of the previous one. 1 lesson = 1 small step towards your mastery of C++ Basics.

  • Hands-on: no complicated theoretical explanations, I directly write the code and explain at the same time. And I encourage you to write the code too!

  • No copy and paste: I won’t make some code magically appear on the screen without any explanation. I write all the code that I explain, and explain all the code that I write.

  • To the point: if I can explain something in 5 minutes, I don’t produce a 15 minutes video to make the course look longer.

  • Practical: I teach you what you really need in order to do useful things with C++. This means focusing on what can give you the greatest value now.

  • Additional Practice: with each key concept you get some exercises to practice on exactly what you need to understand, so the learning is much more efficient.

So, if you like to learn by doing, and want to really understand what you do, you will love this course.

What will you do and learn in this course?

First, you will install the development tools (compiler, VS Code) you need to comfortably write C++ code - installation instructions for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Yes, you can follow the course with any operating system you want!

Then you will learn C++ with 4 different levels.

For each level you get:

  • A quick introduction video to make the relation between different levels and explain what we are going to do.

  • Hands-on lessons (5-10 minutes long) to introduce new key concepts.

  • At the end of the level (section), some exercises to practice on the key points of the section, and also combine the concepts together.

Each level builds directly on top of the previous levels. Here’s a quick overview of the concepts you will discover (and practice on):

  • Level 1: Write a program, variables, arrays, vectors, user input.

  • Level 2: Functions, scope, comments, namespaces.

  • Level 3: Conditions (if), for loops, while loops.

  • Level 4: References, prototypes, compilation from the terminal.

Extra: you also get a bonus section at the end of the course, on C++ OOP (Object Oriented Programming). OOP is everywhere nowadays, and this is a nice addition to add to your skill set.

Now, wait no more and enroll in this course today!

See you in the course! :)

What Will I Get ?

  • Master C++ Basics
  • Get the fundamentals you need for your next C++ projects
  • Write clean C++ code from the start
  • Variables, functions, loops, conditions, and more.
  • Use the C++ Standard Library (std)
  • Install Visual Studio Code on Windows, Linux, and MacOS
  • Install a compiler for C++
  • Interact with the user from your program
  • Practice your C++ skills with many exercises
  • Learn a few modern C++ functionalities
  • Compile and Run C++ code by yourself
  • Create prototypes for your C++ functions
  • Organize your C++ code with .hpp and .cpp files
  • Understand what is a reference and how to use it
  • Write OOP (Object Oriented Programming) Code with C++
  • Intro to inheritance with OOP C++
  • Learn the Best Practices from the start
  • Learn by doing


  • A computer and a strong will to learn, that’s it!
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