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PowerPoint Essentials for Beginners

Created by EdSolver Learning, Last Updated 12-Nov-2020, Language:English

PowerPoint Essentials for Beginners

Create awesome PowerPoint slides to make your presentations more appealing and interactive with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Created by EdSolver Learning, Last Updated 12-Nov-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Presentation Skills
  • Advanced Animations and Transitions


  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint software


Welcome to PowerPoint Essential for Beginners course by EdSolver Learning. In this course, you will learn everything in depth about Microsoft PowerPoint.

Presentation skills are must for everyone, and PowerPoint is used to create a visual appeal to help you in your presentation. This course covers up that how you can use following tools in PowerPoint.

  • Tables

  • SmartArt Graphics

  • Charts

  • Animations

  • Transitions

  • Hyperlinks

  • Images

  • Videos

  • Voice Narrations

So get ready to improve you presentation skills right now and start learning!!!

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