PowerPoint Alternatives

What is PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a program that users use to make different types of presentations. The program is included in the Microsoft Office suite. You can make presentations through different types of slides by adding text, images, animations, videos, etc. You can also animate the presentation by animating single elements or the whole slide. You can also set a timer for animation. Besides these, there are much more things that you can do to make a better presentation.

Cost of PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is a part of the Microsoft Office suite and price for different versions can be found in the table below −



Microsoft 365 Business Basic

INR 136.25

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business

INR 650.00

Microsoft 365 Business Standard

INR 719.40

Why PowerPoint alternatives?

There are a few disadvantages which users have to face while making a presentation. Some of them have been listed here −

  • All elements have to be saved in a folder so that the presentation made in a system can successfully run in another system

  • Too many slides are used for making a presentation

  • Users need to have a good knowledge of the software to make a presentation

  • Slides must be accurate as editing cannot be done in the slide show

  • Performance on weak systems may not be good

How to choose a PowerPoint Alternative?

PowerPoint has many advantages which are listed below −

  • PowerPoint Presentations can be stored on a drive or cloud and can be accessed from anywhere

  • Custom designs can be made easily

  • Pre-designs available which can be used for making presentations

  • Different multimedia files can be added to the presentation

Top 10 PowerPoint Alternatives

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool for making presentations but people face issues and look for alternatives which are discussed here in detail.

Alternative 1 – Visme

Visme is a presentation software which is based on cloud. Users can find all the tools in this software needed to make a presentation. Infographics, reports, product demos, etc. can also be easily done. The tool has many readymade templates which help in making presentations easily. You can find millions of free images along with layouts, vector icons, graph styles, fonts, and many more features for making presentations


  • Color dropper tool to change the color of icons, fonts, backgrounds, shapes, and many more.

  • Manage privacy

  • Presentation can be downloaded for offline presentation

  • Animation and other interactive elements can be added

  • Transitions can be customized

Alternative 2 – Prezi

Prezi is a presentation tool which is a very popular alternative to PowerPoint among individuals and businesses. This is a cloud-based software in which pan and zoom can be used to move from one page to another. There is no need of adding any new slides. Students and teachers can use the software easily to make presentations


  • Presentations can be viewed and edited from any device

  • Presentations can be easily stored in the cloud

  • Advanced image editing tools are available

Alternative 3 – Keynote

Keynote is an alternative to PowerPoint from Apple. The app consists of powerful features which make it useful software. Users can create interactive charts, add images and picture frames, and add reflections. Presentations made through this software can be stored in the cloud. They can later be downloaded for offline presentation.


  • The tool has more than 30 cinematic objects

  • Presentations can be edited and vowed from iPad and iPhone

  • Sharing and collaborating are easy

  • Keynote presentations can be saved as PowerPoint files.

Alternative 4 – Slides

Slides is a presentation software and a cloud-based application. Background images can be added to the slides and a variety of themes and layouts can be used to make a presentation. Users can also use the presentations made by others and use them in the form of templates to make their own presentations.


  • Presentations can be edited and accessed from any device

  • Privacy can be easily managed

  • Presentations can be downloaded and presented offline

  • Math formulas can be easily displayed

Alternative 5 – Slidebean

Slidebean is an excellent alternative for individuals who do not have enough time to make their own slide. Different readymade templates are available in the tool which can be used for making presentations. Themed templates are also available which can just be included in the slide show and make minor changes according to the presentation.


  • Readymade content templates are available

  • Thousands of flat icons can be accessed

  • CSV data can be imported to make a chart

  • Presentations can be easily shared and collaborated

Alternative 6 – Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a part of a suite called Workplace Bundle. Zoho Show is a software where users can make traditional presentations that can run online. Users are able to access their presentations through browsers or any device with an internet connection.


  • Data can be visualized through charts

  • Presentations can be easily published on blogs and websites

  • Broadcasting of a presentation can be done from anywhere and from any device

Alternative 7 – Animaker Deck

Animaker Deck is a presentation software in which slide and slide shows can be made without having any prior experience in using the software. It comes with four pricing plans and you can use any as per your requirement and budget. Custom avatars can be made with the help of a character builder. Readymade templates are also available for making presumptions.


  • Custom avatars can be created through Character Builder

  • You can store the files on the cloud as you will get 25 GB space.

  • PPTX files can be imported

Alternative 8 – Google Slides

Google Slides is another popular alternative to PowerPoint. The software can be used for free but you need to create a Google account to work on the software, Slides can be accessed from the email dashboard. It is very easy to make presentations through this software. There are different types of readymade templates available to make presentations.


  • All work done is saved automatically

  • Easy to change the entire presentation

  • PowerPoint files can be easily opened on Google Slides

Alternative 9 – Canva


  • Canva is a software application for making different types of presentations. The software can be used easily with numerous slides. You just need to choose the required slide and edit it as per your presentation. If you purchase Canva under work plan, you will also have the option of animating the slides.

  • A large number of presentation templates available

  • Paid plan allows access to a large number of images

  • Presentations can be shared easily on the social media network

  • Millions of icons are available

Alternative 10 – Beautiful.ai

Beautiful.ai is a tool where presentations can be made easily. You will be able to control the slides with the help of artificial intelligence. There are very limited possibilities of customizing the presentation. Users do not have to do too much work in making a presentation and most of the work is done by artificial intelligence.


  • Presentation can be made through artificial intelligence

  • Color theme picker is available for the entire presentation

  • Files can be exported easily to PowerPoint or PDF

  • Presenter view and speaker notes features are also available


PowerPoint is a powerful tool which can be used for making different types of presentations. The software is not available separately as it is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It has many disadvantages like usage of a large number of slides to make presentations. There are many alternatives to PowerPoint which can be used to make good presentations.

Updated on: 07-Jun-2023


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