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Learning PowerBI starting from zero (Introduction, PowerQuery and DAX)


Today, we are all surrounded with full of data.

Data can be in the form of structured data(eg: Tables, worksheets), or unstructured data (free text fields or comments from social media). 

In the current modern world of Business Modelling, many organizations have leveraged the importance of having Business Intelligence(BI) to surface the business problems that could be found in their underlying transactional data. 

BI tools has help a lot of the organizations, either in preventing some dreadful losses in the business, or helped in adding growth towards revenue.

BI has now emerged as a Marketing & Strategizing component to help organizations in monitoring the performance of a promotional event, either the promotional event has attract a lot of attention, or the promotional event did not benefits the organization.

Data is everywhere but if we do not transform the data into useful insight, we are not able to make the correct decision on a certain matter.

In this course, we are going to learn more on PowerQuery transformation steps:

1.  How to transform our columns to extract values or change column formatting

2. How to add new columns, eg : Custom columns, conditional columns, index columns etc.

For the report table, we are going to explore more on DAX to help us on some of the common expressions that we used in reporting, eg: MTD/YTD DAX expressions.

Hope you enjoy the course and let's roll! 


  • PowerBI
  • Business Intelligence Beginner
  • Business Analyst
  • PowerQuery
  • DAX
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