Power Query: Ultimate Data Transformation

Making Instant Consolidation Possible!

Course Description

The course will be presented as in four parts.

First, brief introduction to Power Query and discuss reasons it has become very popular in Finance and Accounting:

  • No    more copy and paste of data;
  • No    more links to source files;
  • No    more repetitive and manual data processing;
  • No    VLOOKUP needed;
  •  Brings    AI in data transformation;
  • Fill    the gap in Excel that cannot perform instant consolidation before,    as can most cloud-based systems;
  • Feed    into Pivot table and pivot chart to allow for self-service reporting

Second part is to demonstrate 6 basic skills in data transformation with Power Query:

  • Remove    columns
  • Remove    rows
  • Promote    headers
  • Advanced    query editor
  • Query    from Folder
  • Data    Type

Third, we will accelerate our learning with 3 bonus functions that will dramatically increase our productivity. They are: 

  • Merge    to replace VLOOKUP()
  • Unpivot
  • Exploration    of AI and machine learning enabled in Power Query

Last, the course will culminate through the concept of “Instant Consolidation”, which has never been around in MS Excel until Power Query. The instant consolidation is prevalent in cloud-based accounting software.

Course Search Keywords

  • Power Query
    Advanced    query editor
  • Query    from Folder
  • Merge    Query
  • Unpivot
  • Artificial    Intelligence
  • Machine    Learning
  • Instant    consolidation


  • Intermediate to Advanced Excel skills that will help you
  • to ace your Excel skills
  • to find state-of-the art Excel functions
  • to make yourself the go-to-person in their office, or
  • to be well positioned for your next promotion!


  • Basic Excel knowledge
  • Example: be able to open one Excel file and add a new sheet, etc.
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  • Introduction
  • Instructor's background
  • Background - Data transformation challenges
  • Power Query to the Help!
  • Purpose of this Course!
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Power Query: Ultimate Data Transformation
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  • 17 Lectures
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