Power BI for Beginner

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Power BI for Beginner

Power BI for Beginner

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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person icon Sachin Jivanlal Agrawal

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Course Description

From this course you can create professional reports for your client also you will get good exposure on each property which we are going to take in this session:

  • Export , show as table, Remove, spotlight, Sorting,
  • Hide and show column and table.
  • Filter Types (Visual, Page, Report)
  • Drill Through
  • Basic Filters
  • Advanced Filter
  • TOP N
  • Sync Slicer ,Edit Interaction,Book Mark Pane ,Page Navigation,Selection Pane,Tooltip ,Drill Down,Hierarchy, Conditional Formatting(Bar, Background, Text, icons, Web URL) , Home Ribbon,Transform Ribbon, Add Column Ribbon,Format Button and data labels Legend, Category and Grid,Visual Interaction, Data Points,Edit Interaction, Format Options PBIX and PBIT File Formats ,Spotlight and Focus Mode,Tool tips,Slicer Visual: Real-Time Usage,Orientation, Selection Properties,Single and Multi-Select, Ctrl Options ,Slicer: Number, Text and Date Data ,Slicer List and Slicer Drop Down, Visual sync,Disabling Slicer, Clear selection Limitation with slicers,, Filters: Creating Hierarchies in Power BI ,   Independent Drill-Down Options,Dependent Drill-Down Options. ,Conditional Drilldowns, Data Points ,Drill Up Buttons and Operations ,Expand & Show Next Level Options,Dynamic Data Drills Limitations ,Show Data and See Records ,Filters : Types and Usage in Real-time.

Will connect to different types of data sources and then transform it in a data model. 


What will you learn in this course:

  • Basic Report Design: Power BI Desktop Installation,Architecture of Power BI,Data sources and Visual Types,Canvas, Visualization and fields

  • Format Button and data labels,Legend, Category and Grid,Visual Interaction, Data Points,Edit Interaction, Format Options,PBIX and PBIT File Formats

  • Spotlight and Focus Mode,Tooltip

  • Visual Sync, Grouping,Slicer Visual: Real-Time Usage,Orientation, Selection Properties,Single and Multi-Select, Ctrl Options

  • Slicer: Number, Text and Date Data,Slicer List and Slicer Drop Down,Visual sync,Disabling Slicer, Clear selection Limitation with slicers

  • Hierarchies, Filters:Creating Hierarchies in Power BI,Independent Drill-Down Options,Dependent Drill-Down Options

  • Conditional Drilldowns, Data Points,Drill Up Buttons and Operations,Expand & Show Next Level Options

  • Dynamic Data Drills Limitations,Show Data and See Records,Filters : Types and Usage in Real-time

  • Visual Filter, Page Filter, Report Filter,Basic, Advanced and TOP N Filters,Category and Summary Level Filters,Drill Thru Filters, Drill Thru Reports

  • Drill-thru Filters, Page Navigations,Bookmarks: Real-time Usage,Bookmarks for Visual Filters, Bookmarks for Page Navigation

  • Selection Pane with Bookmarks Buttons, Images with Actions Buttons, Actions and Text URLs, Bookmarks View & Selection Pane

  • Table & Column Transformations,Text & Number Transformations,Date, Time and Structured Data

  • List, Record and Table Structures, let, source, in statements M Lang,Power Query Functions, Parameters,Invoke Functions, Execution Results

  • Get Data, Table Creations and Edit,Merge and Append Transformations,Join Kinds, Advanced Editor, Apply ETL Operations with Power Query

  • Power Query Level 2,Query Duplicate, Query Reference, Group By and Advanced Options,Aggregations with Power Query

  • Transpose, Header Row Promotion ,Reverse Rows and Row Count, Data Type Changes & Detection,Replace Columns: Text, NonText

  • Replace Nulls: Fill Up, Fill Down,PIVOT, UNPIVOT Transformations,Move Column and Split Column Extract, Format and Numbers

  • Date & Time Transformations,Deriving Year, Quarter, Month, Day, Add Column : Query Expressions,Query Step Inserts and Step Edits

  • Creating Parameters in Power Query,Parameter Data Types, Default Lists,Static/Dynamic Lists For Parameters,Removing Columns and Duplicates

  • Convert Tables to List Queries,Linking Parameters to Queries,Testing Parameters and PBI Canvas,Multi-Valued Parameter Lists

  • Creating Lists in Power Query,Converting Lists to Table Data,Advanced Edits and Parameters,Data Type Conversions, Expressions

  • Columns From Examples, Indexes, Conditional Columns, Expressions


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Laptop with good configuration, Power BI Desktop software
Power BI for Beginner


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Microsoft Power BI
26 Lectures
  • play icon Installation of Power BI 1 01:09 01:09
  • play icon Installation of Power BI 2 05:18 05:18
  • play icon Report Creation 25:18 25:18
  • play icon Visual Properties-Sorting,spotlight,export,focus mode 03:29 03:29
  • play icon Filter Types 1- Visual, Page, Report, DrillThrough 07:10 07:10
  • play icon Filter Types 2 - Basic, Advanced, TopN 04:38 04:38
  • play icon Edit Interaction, Sync Slicer 06:21 06:21
  • play icon BookMark-Switch Visuals 11:37 11:37
  • play icon BookMark-Toggling 04:59 04:59
  • play icon ToolTip 02:23 02:23
  • play icon DrillDown 07:26 07:26
  • play icon Conditional Formatting 05:04 05:04
  • play icon Ribbon 1 21:50 21:50
  • play icon Ribbon 2 13:14 13:14
  • play icon TransformData- Add Column Tab 06:27 06:27
  • play icon TransformData-Home Tab 1 12:33 12:33
  • play icon TransformData-Home Tab 2 26:49 26:49
  • play icon TransformData-Home Tab 3 09:16 09:16
  • play icon TransformData-Transform Tab 28:57 28:57
  • play icon Relationship 1 00:49 00:49
  • play icon Relationship 2 09:32 09:32
  • play icon Relationship 3 04:44 04:44
  • play icon Relationship 4 03:39 03:39
  • play icon SQL Connection 04:02 04:02
  • play icon Web Connection 01:08 01:08
  • play icon Custom Visual 04:41 04:41

Instructor Details

Sachin Jivanlal Agrawal

Sachin Jivanlal Agrawal

Senior Technical Lead- Business Intelligence

I am a Microsoft Certified Power BI, SQL, MSBI freelance Trainer with International training exposure. I had Provided 10+ corporate level training. Also I have trained  2000+ participants till 2022.  Training provided to all age groups (22 to 60+ Yrs.).Having good exposure into BI Tools like SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Power BI.

I had received 98% positive feedback on my practical training. I have 15 Years of experience in IT industry.

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