Pornography Habit Is Linked to Erectile Dysfunction, Research Suggests

Men require a certain rigidity in the penis muscle for successful penetrative sex with a partner. A range of physical, emotional, and neurological issues could affect that ability to maintain an erection long enough for sex. Two minutes is all that the sex activity might take, but that is too long for some Erectile Dysfunction cases. ‘Some’ is putting it mildly because many millions of men suffer from the problem of insufficient erection at all ages.

While impotence may have existed throughout history, pornography has increased to record levels recently through the digital internet. Pornography shows explicit sexual activity that is quite unrealistic and different from the sex that married couples may experience. A kind of aggressive sport, porn shows unusual and unnatural sex positions that titillate the senses and encourage arousal and masturbation.

Are Pornography and Erectile Dysfunction linked?

Without a consensus, it is a controversial subject for debate. On the face of it, it looks as if they are linked, and that porn causes erectile problems. If the erection cannot be maintained and is not strong enough, sex will not succeed. The traditional approach links them and considers porn immoral and against religious laws, certainly according to some cultures. Guilt feelings cause stress that worsens the situation.

Certain societies frown upon laxity and would certainly object to graphic illustrations of sex in weird positions. Some countries like China have banned porn sites on the internet, but the billion-dollar pornography industry finds ways to get around the laws.

Some Things Cannot Change.

Multimedia is a convenient tool for porn. Films and video clips, porn websites, pictures and magazines, posters, and slides are easily and cheaply available. Similar to prostitution and drugs that seem to be illegal but are not, porn flourishes mostly beyond legal reach. A few unlucky ones may get arrested, charged, fined, and imprisoned, but the big fish get away.

A Variety of Causes for Erection Lapses

The most direct cause is the inadequate blood supply to the penis. In a normal erection, blood fills up the penis and the erection results. Why does the blood not reach the penis? Heart problems like blood pressure could be the reason—high blood pressure results in the narrowing of the blood vessels. High cholesterol or diabetes with high blood sugar could be additional causes. Relaxed muscles encourage blood flow.

Psychological problems and stress, hormonal deficiency, and neural problems could be other reasons. Prostrate issues could also cause the problem.

Once the cause is identified, a combination of medications, exercise, and counseling could help overcome the problem, probably in stages. Like a drunk getting back to drinks in occasional lapses, porn viewing may continue for a while before completely avoiding it. Though it is not as easy as it sounds, it is achievable. Passions have highs and lows, like mountains and valleys.

Mighty Dimensions of the Problem

Many younger men are reporting ED, probably due to too much porn. The numbers are rapidly increasing, mostly affecting men between 40 and 70. From 150 million men in 1995, the numbers may reach 320 million men by 2025. While internet porn spread rapidly in the mid-1990s, medications like Viagra followed later. Do these medications help solve the problem? It probably does, partially at least, with devices like implants and the penis pump for better sexual performance.

Porn Addiction and Desensitization

Millions of young men remain in the helpless grip of porn addiction if it can be so-called. Desensitization does apply because the more porn that is consumed, the hunger for it grows. Perhaps it results in screen porn gaining precedence over the real-life sex partner. It means the man gets more excited and turned on by the woman on the screen rather than the woman in the bed next to him. Besides, the variety of wild sex stunts and harrowing nightmarish sexual adventures on screen can have a hypnotic effect. No wonder many men fall victim to the fake lust and money-making porn industry that titillates with the fleshy joys of the moment. With the changes to brain chemistry, a bigger dose of porn stimulation is required as the weeks and months pass. Counseling would help helpless cases of men making a mess of their marriage relationships.

Looking at the Brighter Side

Is it not reasonable to think, as one study suggests, that porn might encourage erection through stimulation of the senses? If the cause of ED is relationships or psychological factors, the man may be helped with erectile dysfunction. With greater sexual responsiveness to a partner, it seems that the body and brain get a chance to prepare for sex better. Hopefully, the intercourse might work better. Many more studies are required to confirm such theories.

Research is similarly lacking regarding harm caused by porn, though the general impression goes strongly against porn.

Though scientific evidence is lacking, many companies make money through the supposed porn harmful impact. ED medications, too, have a huge market along with connected devices and implants.

ED Prevention Strategies

  • Heart health equals sexual health. Keep away from food and drinks that restrict blood flow in the arteries. Red meats, processed meats, white rice, sodas, and energy drinks are examples. Water and red wine, tuna and olive oil, nuts and almonds are good for the heart.

  • Weight management is best even though surrounded by obesity. Heavyweights can get diabetes which can harm the nerves that extend to the sexual organs.

  • Tobacco is harmful too and can restrict blood flow in addition to lots of other damage.

  • Mental health matters since the brain also play a part. Avoid anxiety and depression and find remedies.


Further Possible ED Causes

A combination of factors could cause primary ED. Clogged arteries, as happens in atherosclerosis, could be the cause. A physical injury could lead to stress. Relationship disputes might come up. Secondary ED occurs much later in life after normal erections over many years. Secondary ED could be caused by anxiety about sex or psychological issues. Spinal cord injury and prostrate problems are other possible causes. Nerve damage could result from surgery.

Amidst the complexity of porn and the question of its effects, pornography has certainly disrupted normal sex life globally. The law should restrict porn, and parents must shield kids from harmful influence. Directly or indirectly, erection problems have surfaced in men in huge numbers, not all due to porn. A variety of diseases and lifestyles cause erectile dysfunction. It is time to seek remedial actions.