PHP: Complete Login and Registration System with PHP & MYSQL

Build a Complete & Secure PHP Login and Registration System with PHP and MySQL - Email Activation and lots more

  Ogbemudia Terry Osayawe

   Development, Web Development, PHP, MySQL

  Language - English

   Published on 10/2021



PHP Login and Registration system step by step -> One of the skill-set that is a must have for any PHP web developer is the ability to code a secure registration and login system. This course is designed to equip you with the fundamental skills needed to create a registration and login system using PHP and MYSQL Database.

Additional resources, quizzes, and assignments will be given throughout this step by step PHP Login and Registration system course, to continually test your knowledge.

You will not just learn how to write a PHP login and registration script but how to build and secure a PHP web application piece by piece.

Some Main Features:

1. Account activation by email, using PHPMailer PHP library 

2. PHP Remember me functionality

3. Secured Password hashing with PHP hash algorithm

4. PHP Password Reset / recovery by email system

5. Protecting Against CSRF Attack with Unique secured PHP Token Generation

6. Custom Functions in PHP (A lot)

7. Change Password in PHP

8. Deactivate Account in PHP

9. Automate Task with Cron Job using PHP 

10. Blocking Bots and Spammers with reCAPTCHA

11. Constantly update mostly based on genuine request from students 

After completing this step by step PHP Login and Registration system course, you would have gained some useful and practical skills that will help you in your goal to become a web developer or give you an edge in your current job.

What Will I Get ?

  • Code a registration form with PHP

  • Code a secured Login Form with PHP

  • Create and manipulate database content with PHP

  • PHP System Security and in-depth Validation

  • Automatically Logoff Inactive Users with PHP code

  • Send Account Activation Link by Email using PHP

  • Protecting Against CSRF Attack with Unique Token Generation

  • Password Recovery, bad, good and best options in PHP

  • Keep user Logged In (Remember Me) with PHP

  • Code Refactoring

  • Learn PHP basic workflow

  • Write clean and reusable PHP code

  • Prompt support and value for your money

  • Access to my Introduction to Programming in PHP Course on Devscreencast dot com

  • Token Based Password Reset Functionilty

  • Blocking Bots and Spams with reCAPTCHA


  • Text Editor

  • Understand Basic HTML

  • Already Setup PHP Development Environment running PHP 5.5 or higher, with little understanding of PHP (e.g. you should know what is a variable, an array just basic knowledge)

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PHP: Complete Login and Registration System with PHP & MYSQL
This Course Includes :

8.5 hours

53 Lectures

10 Resources

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