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Perl Online Training

PERL is a "Practical Extraction Reporting Language" developed by Larry Wall. It is a backend script mainly used for text processing, generating reports, automation and developing web applications. This interpreter language supports features of awk, sed, C, bash scripting. It is one of the popular scripting language supporting object oriented concepts. Readily available CPAN modules can be used while writing the code.


This online training will help developers who are willing to work on PERL for first time. Each concept is explained theoretically along with a detailed example by writing code. In these tutorials, each example is scenario based and some differences are explained in detail by showing them practically which will help you to attend the interviews. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to code independently. The pre-requisite of this tutorial is that one should be aware of UNIX commands and any programming language like C or C++.


Devi Killada

Devi Killada is a B.E(E.I.E) graduate from Gandhi Institute of Technology and Managament(GITAM), Visakhapatnam. Holds certifications OCA 11G and ITIL Foundation. Experienced more than 7yrs in IT and honored with awards for good performance. Trained students online by giving classes and given technical seminars at work place.