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PCB design in just one day with Proteus ISIS and ARES

Quickest and Easiest Way to start Designing Printed Circuit Boards in Just One day with Simplest PCB Design Tool

Created by Amit Rana, Last Updated 02-Jan-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • PCB Fundamentals
  • Single Sided PCB Design
  • Double Sided PCB Design
  • Using Autorouter
  • PCB using SMD components


  • Basic Understanding of Electronics components
  • Strong Desire to Learn and experiment
  • Computer with Proteus Design Suite Installed


This course is on purpose made as short as possible so that you can get started with PCB design fast without compromising on the fundamentals

Ever thought that you could learn PCB Design in just one day?

This course is designed for absolute beginners to start designing PCBs in the quickest possible time; With Proteus ISIS design suite.

I firmly believe that everyone can learn and excel in technologies if there's a strong desire to learn and proper guidance. Hence I've created this course to teach you about designing your PCBs using a computer-Aided Design tool called Proteus.  With Proteus, learning and designing your PCBs is just a matter of hardly one day. You'll not only learn but also start designing your project PCBs in just one day if you complete this course. With over 10 years of experience in designing PCBs, I can easily say that no other design suite is as simple as proteus to learn and excel in.

PCB Design for Everyone

Are you an electronics hobbyist or professional or student who wants to learn Professional Level PCB Design? Are you looking for a powerful PCB Design tool that makes things very easier? Are you confused on which PCB tool to use for your next project? This course is perfectly suitable for you

This course is on purpose made as short as possible so that you can get started with PCB design fast without compromising on the fundamentals

Why Proteus?

Proteus is a professional Design suite intended for used by everyone including complete beginners to advanced modern designers. It has got all the features required to make it full-featured design suite, yet is very simple and there is a very low learning curve. With over 10 years of my own experience, I can guarantee you that no other tool is as simple as proteus ISIS for designing PCBs

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn PCB Design

  • Freshers Electronics engineering students and school students

  • Professionals who never Designed PCBs before

  • Startups finding difficult to get PCB designed for their products

Who this course is NOT for

  • If you're already a PCB designer and looking for very advanced Concepts

  • If you're looking to Learn Radio Frequency (RF) design on PCB

  • If you're looking to learn Antenna Design on PCB

  • If you're looking to learn advanced Concepts

I'll be very clear about this. This is a complete beginner's course intended to learn PCB Design for single and double-sided circuits. It can be used for making small to large projects or even your product PCBs. Please look at the entire content to get an idea. 

This course is on purpose made as short as possible so that you can get started with PCB design fast without compromising on the fundamentals

Join now and start designing your PCBs!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Complete Beginners in Printed Circuit Boards Design
  • Newbee in electronics design and study
  • Freshers in PCB Design

Course Content

Amit Rana

Electronics Engineer, Developer and Trainer

Amit Rana is a passionate electronics engineer, developer and trainer. 

Have been running a design and training firm from 2009, Amit Rana has a vast experience of Designing number of different electronics systems and projects using microcontrollers and related technologies. Successfully running 3 different companies all working with electronics and robotics technologies

As Director of Vidya Robotics, the company he founded in India, we intend to bring the technology and robotics out of school labs to to every home  by creating educational robotics products and education

A passionate learner, Amit's main skill is training, his first job was a Lecturer and from then, he loves training people on technology and doing development with technology. Amit's main hobby is to experiment with every new controller, processor and board available in market and doing some project development with it and so he loves to teach whatever he does. With over 10 years of training experience, he has gained command on how to train from even the newest person the myths of electronics and technology. 

Amit has trained more than 8000 students so far.

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