Part Time Job options After Retirement!

People who have worked all their life in a job feels pretty empty once they retire. The retired person is always trying to keep themselves engaged for escaping this emptiness. But looking at the changing trend, with all the vast experience, people are happy to work past 65 and many seniors are staying in or returning to the workforce, either full time, part time or as consultants or independent contractors.

They earn while doing what they always loved to do. If going back to work makes sense for your situation, here are some job categories that may be a thought to put in:


Consultancy business is a kind of activity where loads of experience is expected. This type of work allows flexibility, but, depending on the work, may require lots of travelling and long work hours. You can state that the benefits and money you earn are directly proportional to the amount of time you put into the position.

There are many retired individuals with a particular skill or license that’s in demand, such as in law, engineering, health care, telecommunications, management, bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, etc. Their services are utilized by lot of organizations looking for an external opinion.

The best way to determine if your skills can be turned into consulting work is to market them. Do some research about consulting in your expertise. You may require to get in touch with your contacts, previous colleagues and clients.

Child Care

Probably one of the more popular ways for seniors to earn income is to go into child care. With both parents has started working, the demand for day care centers has increased a lot. A play school or a day boarding centre requires some investment ready in hand. It doesn’t involve lots of travelling but some initial investment is required.

If you have some spare savings which you are planning to invest, then a play school cum child care center is a great idea. The children help in passing out the time of the elderly people and the expertise of management can come in handy for the same.

Non-profit and Charity Work

The retirement is a time to give back to the society. Whether you choose a religious institution, a local cause, a human rights campaign, a civil liberties union or some other initiative, most non-profits don’t necessarily rely solely on unpaid, volunteer work. Many also have a paid workforce for day-to-day operations.

Non-profit Organizations may hire part-time workers to alleviate costs, and if you have the necessary skills, you could be a great candidate.

You can help in their jobs and you may get paid, even if it is not a huge amount. You can also be part of voluntary work to just be part of the Organization.

Higher Education Teaching

Teaching always gives a pleasant experience. Universities and colleges, are always happy to hire retired people as professor due to their vast industry experience which can help the students to understand the subjects in a better manner. Many universities are expanding to online programs, so you could even teach from your home using internet.

To become a professor you need to look for your area of expertise and map with the university or college courses. You may get a daily, weekly or weekend batches to teach.

Call Center Consultants

If in case you have experience in call centers, then you can work as call center consultants. Many companies are bringing some of their call center sales, customer service and collections activities. Call center representatives can work onsite, but some companies allow reps to work from home. You could get a job doing everything from answering billing questions to taking reservations to troubleshooting issues.

Technical Consultant

If you are from the computer industry and has passion with programming, you can work as a freelance technical consultant with the Organizations. Sometimes the budget of the small scale IT organizations cannot hire such consultants on their payroll, so they prefer part-time or visiting consultants.

Freelance Writing

If you always had a passion for writing, then this is the time to get your dream into action. You’re your hobby as your profession. The Internet has made it easier to distribute such information easily using blogs and articles. As a freelance writer, you can earn money by writing about what you know. You can write for online publications and get paid for your expertise.

You are usually paid for each word. As you become more popular, you can then begin to submit your articles to print publications such as newspapers and magazines. You can even go on to produce your own book and earn a good royalty on it.

Travel & Event Planning

If you love to travel, and has already traveled a lot in your life, then you can help others. You can be a travel or event planner. You can help people in planning their travel. You can even become a travel blogger. Usually people have a lot of queries when planning their travel or event. You can work as a freelancer, if you want, and help such people over the phone. You just need to get attached to travel website who can forward such calls on your phone.

If you want to do something, just find out your passion. There are a lot of great ideas for senior citizens to earn additional income and engage in the community after retirement. The key is putting forth a path and a plan toward doing things you know you will really enjoy. This way you can contribute the time and earn too. You just need to get connected to the right people.

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