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Parsing Algorithms

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Parsing Algorithms

Understand the different parsing techniques and learn to build a parsing tool from scratch.

updated on icon Updated on Jul, 2024

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English [CC]

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Lectures -21

Duration -4 hours



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Course Description

In this course, we dive into various aspects of the parsing theory, describing in detail the LL and LR parsers. However, at the same time, to make the learning process and understanding easy and fun, we build in parallel an automatic parser for a full programming language, similar to JavaScript or Python, from scratch.

After this course, not only will you be able to use a parser generator to build parsers for programming languages but will also understand how the parser generators work under the hood themselves.

Implementing a parser for a programming language would also make your practical usage of other programming languages more professional.

As we will build a language similar in semantics to JavaScript or Python (the two most popular programming languages today), we will specifically use JavaScript and its elegant multi-paradigm structure, which combines functional programming and class-based and prototype-based OOP.

All resources and code files are placed here:



This course is for any curious engineer who would like to gain skills in building complex systems and obtain transferable knowledge to build such systems.


  • Learn about compilers and interpreters: build a programming language
  • Learn about automatic memory management - garbage collectors
  • Learn about the theory of programming languages
  • Learn about the Automata theory: build a RegExp machine
  • Learn about the parser’s theory: implement a parser generator
Parsing Algorithms


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Context-Free Grammars and Languages
5 Lectures
  • play icon Formal Grammars, Context-Free 12:12 12:12
  • play icon Grammar Derivations 12:50 12:50
  • play icon Ambiguous Grammars 09:19 09:19
  • play icon Syntax tool | Letter 13:41 13:41
  • play icon Abstract Syntax Trees 12:58 12:58
Top-down LL Parsing
6 Lectures
Bottom-up LR Parsing
5 Lectures
Practice and Final Parser
5 Lectures

Instructor Details

Packt Publishing

Packt Publishing

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