Pain and Personality

It all started with the Big Bang, now with a brief history of over 200,000 years of human beings seeking its purpose of existence. From the Ages of the Invention of fire, the wheel, and stones to Google, Artificial intelligence, and Tesla human species have continuously evolved. Nevertheless, what of all is ignored in our Huge but brief history of ours is that the Trial and error method resulted in numerous failures and efforts made behind a subject and inventions, which resulted in enormous examples of pain and suffering. With this continuous effort, several failures gave history to many failed scientists, novelists, and philosophers who became famous much later. People exhibit a basic tendency to seek pleasure only. They usually ignore the reality that lies ahead, which is often disturbing and painful, and unaccepted by them. We always go against the will of nature and try to avoid the painful reality of our lives. In some ways, life is a Sine Wave as it has the same number of ups and downs, so accept the downs, enjoy the ups, and continue to live every moment of one's precious life.

Understanding Pain and Personality

So basically, pain is a distressful feeling for particular stimuli. Pain may be of many types, like emotional pain, physical pain, and mental Pain. Here are some reasons why pain can build a strong personality which is helpful in our daily lives. We often appreciate the quality of our lives by involving the number of materialistic pleasures. Clothes from designer brands, German automobiles, and Scottish drinks attract the major people of the world. People often get addicted to these pleasures that they always crave more and eventually be unhappy when unable to get them. What they do not seek is happiness from within. Understanding that these things are merely a possession and the value becomes zero the day we own them. Pain helps us realize what is real and what will sustain us at the end of the day.

Importance of Pain

After enduring various types of pain for a long period, our mind and body adapt to it, and as soon as these pains go away, we feel how tough they have made us. Then everything is easy, and everything is manageable. We are prepared to take on every situation we face, and we build strong mental stamina to face such difficulties.

Social Aspects

Through pain, one is more experienced, wise, kind, and a strong man. One can relate more with the people and society. One's way of seeing things and situation change. Having multiple perceptions gives a better solution to every problem in different aspects. The bond between one and others will be more mature. One will be able to connect more to the people by having better communication and connection with the people, which is a skill required in every major occupation.

Attachment to Reality

Due to pain, a person cannot procrastinate. Usually, a person sees the world around him which does not match reality. Whatever has passed will not come back. One cannot change whatever is coming, so it is better to stay in the moment and do what is necessary and fulfilling. For example, whenever one wishes something to happen through suffering, one will soon understand that one has to work for it and put one's mind and focus on it.

Self Mastery

Every suffering and pain one has gone through is mastered by one in some way; one is an experienced player. More pain, the more the experience of a better Game as a player every time. So whenever a hard situation shows up in life, career, relationship, or anywhere one will be strong enough to face it if one knows how to react. Hence one's personality is slowly and constantly evolving for the better.

Personality Development

We often do not get the expected results on the first attempt, and we need more time to give up. To be adamant requires much courage, and much pain is felt to encounter failure. However, that teaches us to trust in the process and not be disappointed in the initial attempts. To be what one dreams of, one must have small achievable goals or a to-do list to pursue one's dream step by step. However, even to accomplish these small goals, one must move out of one's comfort- zone. To get out of one's comfort zone, one must surely go through Pain. It is not that easy to achieve everything one thinks. It requires a fair amount of Word, and that too, which is time-bound. Pain directly affects one's growth. Like a diamond, the more cuts (suffering) one has, the more one will be able to shine.


As Quoted by some of the eminent philosophers of their time that "Pain and Suffering are inevitable for a superior intelligence; great men have and should go through more pain '' by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, and "To suffer without complaint is the only lesson we have to learn in life'' by Vincent Van Gogh. Thus, to grow in life in every aspect, one must be able to handle pain and suffering. The drive to create an impact is the prime reason for the existence of this very civilization. Great people have changed the world around us, and during the process, they faced a huge amount of pain, sacrifice, and suffering. However, these are the things that build one's character and make one a man ready for difficult times when loved ones will look upon one. So whenever a situation or mishap arises, one will be ready to confront them like a warrior.

Updated on: 04-Jan-2023


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