Paheli and Boojho measured their body temperature. Paheli found her’s to be $98.6^{\circ}\ F$ and Boojho recorded $37^{\circ}\ C$. Which of the following statement is true?
$(a)$. Paheli has a higher body temperature than Boojho
$(b)$. Paheli has a lower body temperature than Boojho
$(c)$. Both have normal body temperature
$(d)$. Both are suffering from fever

AcademicPhysicsNCERTClass 7

Paheli\'ss body temperature $=98.6^{\circ}\ F$

Bhoojo\'s body temperature $=37^{\circ}\ C$

$32+\frac{9}{5}C=32+\frac{9}{5}\times 37=32+66.=98.6^{\circ}\ F$ 

Thus, both have the same body temperature $(98.6^{\circ}\ F)$ which is normal.

So, option $(c)$ is correct.

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