Chapter Summary

Packing” is one of the most comic scenarios that have been taken from the famous book, named Three Men in a Boat by the author Jerome K. Jerome. This book encompasses around, Jerome and his two friends, named Harris and George and a dog named Montmorency. The narrative Packing was about three friends getting ready for their trip and in doing that they offer a fascinatingly hilarious drama. It is known that packing is quite essential prior to make a trip, and so the author Jerome and his friends initiated packing their essentials.

However, through this packing incident, it is noticed that all three of the adults were literally struggling to do such a primary thing as packing. Further, the dog, Montmorency is also seen creating some nuisances and finally, this entire incident proves that none of the adults is quite an expert in packing.

Name the characters in the narrative.

In the story Packing, there are a total of four characters, within the narrative together with including the dog. The names of the characters include, Jerome, the author and his two friends namely, George and Harris and lastly, the dog named Montmorency.

Real intention of narrator (Jerome) offering to pack

The narrator took all the responsibility for packing prior to the trip, as he thought about himself to be the most experienced and knowledgeable in the matter of packing. However, the author as well thought that he would enjoy his position as a boss and would direct both of his friends.

Both the friends, George and Harris, accept their friend’s suggestions immediately, as they might have thought that Jerome knew more about packing. However, to this acceptance, Jerome did not find any enthusiasm and as well he did not like their easy acceptance.

The real intention of Jerome was to enjoy the position of a boss and to provide direction to his friends. This way, both his friends will be under his guidance and as well as his directions. However, they accepted Jerome’s proposal but they remain seated idly on their chairs.

What did Harris say after the bag was shut and strapped?

As the bag was shut and strapped, Harris asked Jerome to put his boots inside it. However, Harris waited till the bag was strapped as he intentionally wants to irritate the author, by asking him to pack his boots after.

What horrible idea occurred to Jerome a little later?

As soon as Jerome was about to shut the bag after putting the boots inside, then suddenly came to his mind the thought for his toothbrush . This is because at the time of travel one needs his or her toothbrush. As the idea came, he again started his search for the toothbrush.

Montmorency’ s ‘contribute’ to the packing

Montmorency’s contribution is indelible in this scenario of packing. According to the author, the dream of Montmorency is to disturb as well as abuse people and therefore his actions of nuisance were perfect to make people insane. He irritated everyone in the room by sitting on things the men were about to pack and playing with lemons thinking them to be rats. If things were thrown at him, the dog usually thinks that the very day is wasted, therefore, his aim and objective is to curse the stumbling up of men over him. However, if the objective is accomplished his conceits become unbearable.

What did George and Harris offer to pack and why?

George and Harris is convinced by the idea of packing the hamper prior to the journey. The reason is because they wanted their friend Jerome to get some rest after all these struggles at packing. Therefore, they decided on their own to pack the remaining things into the hamper for their travel.

What does Jerome say was Montmorency’s ambition in life?

According to Jerome, the ambition in the life of the dog, Montmorency is to abuse others by intentionally interfering in their lives and actions. He wants to make people go insane due to his nuisance acts. However, the thinks that his day, would get wasted if things are thrown at him. His highest objective is to curse steadily an individual for over an hour who gets stumbled over him . In order to disturb others although the incident of packing, he sat on things that are about to be packed. At one time he placed his leg inside the jam and he pretended the lemon to be rats and that lead him o get inside the hamper to kill those lemon rats.

Montmorency is thought to be a dog where natural and original sin is imbibed in him that leads him to do such actions.

Who was the best or the worst packer? How?

In the story of Packing, from the incident, it can be stated that the Harris out of all the three is considered the worst packer. However, it can also be stated that none of the adults in the story is a perfect packer. Jerome seemed to unpack the bags in search of his toothbrush and he finally found it inside his boots. On the other, George treaded on butter and removes the butter from the slippers into the kettle. Harris did a lot more things such as while packing the jam he squashes tomatoes and sits on the butter and made a mess.


Q1. What are known to be the essential steps to packing before a trip?

Ans. Certain essential steps are there that should be done prior to the trip include, including packing of essentials in a compact or comprehensible way. Packing needs to be done as teamwork to save quality time and lastly, packing should be done in a neat as well as in a presentable way, so that one can easily find out things at the time of need.

Q2. Where did the author find out his toothbrush?

Ans. In the scenario of Packing, the author Jerome tried his best in order to find out his toothbrush. He initiated searching for his toothbrush by unpacking the bags but failed to find it. As a result, he started putting back things one by one and also searched elsewhere. However, to his surprise, he found his toothbrush inside his boots.

Q3. At the time of packing the hamper, what foolish things did George and Harris do?

Ans. During packing the hamper, many funny incidents occurred that were the outcomes of both George and Harris’s actions. Such includes, they broke the cup and squashed a tomato, trotted on the butter and many more.