Why the number of bones reduces in the human body?

When a baby is born, it has about 300 bones, because a baby’s skeleton is mostly made up of flexible cartilage (a firm tissue softer than bone) in the body.

But, as the baby grows, some of the cartilage eventually solidifies into the bone, and some bones fuse together to form one bone, in a process called ossification, as a result, finally, adults have 206 bones left in their body.

For Example- Infants are born with the kneecaps, which are mostly made up of cartilage pieces, and become one fully bone at the age of three.

This happens because, when a baby is born, it has to squeeze itself through the mother’s birth canal, so the baby’s body needs to be flexible enough to shift itself through the birth canal. The unfused bones (flexible cartilage) also serve to reduce injury, when a baby falls down.

That's why a human body has unfused or less bone when they born, and get fused in order to provide strength and strong structure to our skeleton.


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Updated on: 27-Mar-2023


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