Why should we worry about the conditions and issues related to forests far from us?

We should be careful and concerned about the issues related to forests due to the following reasons:

  • If there are no forests, there would be more floods and more soil erosion.
  • In the absence of trees and plants, animals will not get food and shelter.
  • Forests act as habitats for many animals. Deforestation will endanger our life and the environment.
  • Forests affect the global environment in a great way. For example; reduced forest cover in a particular area leads to global warming which affects the whole earth.
  • Forests provide us with a large number of useful products including wood, fruits, and medicines. These products would not be available in the absence of trees and plants.

[Extra information: Forests are a very important renewable natural resource. Plants in forests purify air by absorbing Carbon dioxide and releasing Oxygen and also maintaining a balance between Oxygen and Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Forests provide us with various products such as wood, gum, medicines fruits, latex, etc. The roots of trees in the forest bind the soil particles together which helps in preventing soil erosion. Animals help in growing and regenerating forests in many ways. Animals work as cleaning agents by eating vegetation they clear land for fresh growth. Microorganisms work on dead bodies of plants and animals and degenerate them.]


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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