• $ax+b=0$
  • $ax^{2}+b x+c=0 $
  • $ a x^{3}+b x^{2}+c x+d=0$
  • $ a x^{4}+b x^{3}+c x^{2}+d x+e=0 $
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    Which one is an example for; standard linear equation?
    1. $ax+b=0$
    2. $ax^{2}+b x+c=0 $
    3. $ a x^{3}+b x^{2}+c x+d=0$
    4. $ a x^{4}+b x^{3}+c x^{2}+d x+e=0 $

    Given :

    The set of equations are given.

    To find :

    We have to find the standard linear equation among the given equations.

    Solution :

    Linear equation:

    A linear equation is an equation of a straight line. The power of the variables should be 1. Linear equations in one variable may take the form $ax + b = c$ and are solved using basic algebraic operations.

    For example, $2x+3=8$ is a linear equation having a single variable in it.

    Among the given options only $ax+b = 0$ has a degree of 1.

    Therefore, A is the correct option.


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    Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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