Which features adapt polar bears to live in extremely cold climate?

(i) A white fur, fat below skin, keen sense of smell. (ii) Thin skin, large eyes, a white fur.(iii) A long tail, strong claws, white large paws. (iv) White body, paws for swimming, gills for respiration.

The correct answer will be Option (i) A white fur, fat below skin, keen sense of smell.

The adaptation of Polar Bears are:

1. A white appearance - works as a camouflage, which saves them from being prey on the snow and ice.

2. Large feet - help to distribute their body weight and increase grip on the ice.

3. Thick layers of fat and fur - behaves as insulation against the cold.

4. A greasy coat that sheds water after swimming - helps in reducing heat loss.

5. Muscle hump over the shoulder- helps in catching large/big prey.

6. Small round ears- don't allow the cold waters to enter into the ears.

7. Keen sense of smell- helps to the search their prey easily even below the thick layer of ice.


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Updated on: 27-Mar-2023


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