What is Weather, Climate, and Adaptation in animal?

Weather is the short-term change in the atmosphere in a particular place at a particular time. It depends on several factors like wind, moisture, storms, snow, temperatures, etc.

For example, Today's weather in Patna- Sunny with 30 degrees temperature and 86% humidity.

On the other hand,

Climate is the weather pattern of a particular place over a long period. It depends on the long term patterns in a place like rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind, etc.

For example, The climate of Patna is arid. The days are usually hot and dry, while the nights are cool and breezy.

Adaptation is the physical or behavioural or physiological characteristic of an organism to survive better in the surrounding environment.

Organisms get adapted to the habitat they live, these special features are attributed to the evolution caused by a gene mutation. These mutations aid in survival and reproduction. It is hereditary and passes on from one generation to the other.

All the animals have their own adaptations, that are different from each other.


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Updated on: 29-Mar-2023


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