What is the difference between external and internal fertilization?

Difference between internal and external fertilization are as follows:

Internal FertilizationExternal Fertilization
Fertilization takes place inside the female's body.Fertilization takes place outside the female's body.
Male gametes are deposited inside or near female's reproductive tract and fertilization occurs inside the organ.Eggs are released by female organisms into the environment and outside, they fertilize with the male's sperm or male gamete.
The number of gametes produced in internal fertilization is less as fertilization takes place effectively inside the body.As fertilization chance is less in the water environment, a large number of gametes are released.
Animals with internal fertilization process completely live their life on land.Animals with external fertilization either live in water permanently or move to water for the reproduction process.
Examples: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, etc.Examples: Fish, Amphibians, etc.


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Updated on: 20-Mar-2023


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