What is Micromodal fabric?

Micromodal is a specialized type of modal rayon that is prized for its incredible softness and resistance to shrinkage. This type of rayon also has an excellent moisture-wicking profile, which makes it a popular choice for underwear and various types of sportswear.

Like other types of rayon, the primary constituent of micromodal is cellulose from hardwood trees.

This cellulose is extracted and subjected to a complex chemical process, which transforms it into a yarn that can be woven into fabric.

This type of fabric was first developed in Austria in the 1990s, and it builds on the invention if modal rayon that occurred in Japan in the early 1950s.

[Extra information: Fibres are thread-like structures that are long, thin and flexible. These may be spun into yarns and then made into fabrics. There can be different types of fibres. On the basis of their origin, fibres are classified as natural fibres and synthetic fibres.

Natural fibres- Natural fibres are the fibres that are obtained from plants, animals or mineral sources. Some of the examples are cotton, silk, wool etc. 

1. Natural fibres can again be divided into two types -

a. Plant fibres- plant fibres are fibres that are derived from plants.

Eg. Cotton and Jute.

b. Animal fibres- Animal fibres are fibres derived from animals.

Eg. Silk and Wool.

2. Synthetic fibres- Synthetic fibres are man-made fibres designed to make fabrics.

Eg. nylon and rayon]


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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