What is a Periscope and what is its ;use?

A periscope is an instrument used for observing an object which cannot be seen directly because of obstacles. Periscope has an outer case with mirrors at each end at 45° angle which are placed parallel to the surface. This arrangement helps to observe over, around or through an object.

Uses of periscope are as follows:
1. Periscope is used to view objects that are not in the direct line of sight.
2. Submarines use periscope to determine the distance of a torpedo. This helps in deciding the right time for the attack.
3. A nuclear reactor uses periscope to observe the chemical reactions.
4. Periscope is used in military to do observation in hiding position. The main disadvantage is that it periscope can be used by one person at a time.
5. Periscope is used in Tanks and armored vehicles to inspect the surrounding.


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