What does excess intake of fats lead to?


To observe different types of yarns by burning them.


Pull out six to eight yarns from the fabric. Hold one end of the yarn with a tong and bring the other end over the flame of a candle.
Observation and Inference:
  1. If the yarns burn but do not shrink or melt, and give an odour similar to the burning of paper, then it is cotton yarn.
  2. If yarn shrinks away from the flame and burns but does not melt and has the odour of charred meat, then it is silk yarn.
  3. If the yarn shrinks and burns but does not melt and has a strong odour of burning hair, then it is wool yarn.
  4. If the yarn shrinks and burns. They also melt and give out an odour similar to burning plastics, then it is a synthetic yarn.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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