What are the properties and uses of concave lenses?

Concave lenses are also known as the diverging or negative lens because it diverges the rays after they pass through it. 

The image formed by a concave lens is always virtual, which can never be captured or obtained on a screen because the incoming rays diverge after refraction.

Properties of the images formed by a concave lens.

When the position of the object is in front of the concave lens, the position of the image is before the object on the same side. The image formed by the concave lens is always virtual, erect, and diminished (very small).

S.No.Ray DiagramPosition of Object Position of Image Nature of the Image

At Infinity. At FVirtual, erect and highly diminished.

Between Infinity and O. Between F and O. Virtual, erect and diminished.

Uses of Concave Lens

1. It is used for correcting myopia or short-sightedness.

2. It is used on flashlights to magnify the light produced by the bulb.

3. It is used in peepholes or door viewers, which are security devices that provide a panoramic view of people or objects outside the doors.


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