What are the limitations of extracting energy from—
$(a)$ the wind?
$(b$) waves?
$(c)$ tides?

The wind is the flow of air and is a source of energy. It possesses kinetic energy. Wind possesses kinetic energy, and when the fast-moving wind strikes the wind turbine it starts rotating, thus the kinetic energy of wind is converted into mechanical energy. Further, the wind turbine is connected to electricity generators through the shaft, due to which it also rotates and drives the generator which produces electricity. Finally, the mechanical energy gets converted into electrical energy.

Advantages of wind energy:
The two advantages of using wind energy for generating electricity are as follows:
1. It is a clean source of energy as it does not cause any pollution.
2. It is a renewable source of energy.

Limitations of wind energy:
The two limitations of wind energy for generating electricity are as follows:
1. The production of energy depends on the flow of air as it varies during different times of the day and is seasonal. 
2. Its initial capital cost is very high, as it requires a large area of land for its establishment.

The limitations of energy that can be harnessed from the sea are as follows:

Limitations of wave energy:
Wave energy is energy that can be harnessed from the ocean and it is a form of renewable energy.  A very strong wind generates high waves in the ocean when it blows across the sea. To obtain electricity from wave energy, very strong waves are required which are not available in the sea all the time. 

Limitations of tidal energy:
Tidal energy is also a form of renewable energy that can be harnessed from the rise and fall of tides. But there are some limitations to tidal energy 
  • Tidal energy depends on the relative positions of the earth, the moon, and the sun.
  • Also, very few sites are suitable for building tidal dams.
  • The initial construction cost for a tidal dam is very high.
  • Animals and plants living near tidal stations are much affected.
  • Inhibits the migration of living beings in the sea.

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