What are the advantages and disadvantages of regular reflection and irregular reflection?

Advantages of Regular Reflection

(i) We can see our image in a plane mirror due to regular reflection

(ii) The formation of images in a periscope is due to regular reflection.

Disadvantages of Regular reflection: Because of reflection, an object becomes shiny and we cannot see the object itself but see our image in it as it acts as a mirror. For an object to be seen, it must reflect light irregularly.

Advantages of Irregular Reflection

(i) Any opaque object is visible to us due to irregular reflection

(ii) When a movie is projected on the screen by a projector it is viewed from different seats in a hall is due to irregular reflection.

Disadvantages of Irregular Reflection The disadvantages of irregular reflection are that whatever energy is there, let it be light or heat energy, energy gets dissipated or lost and gets scattered due to irregular reflection and it is not focussed on a point or an area. There is a wastage of reflected energy


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