What are parts of ear?

Ears help in hearing sounds. The outer shape of an ear is like a funnel. The entire mechanism to hear resides in the inner part of the ear, which is divided into three parts - the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear.


Outer ear:  Outer ear comprises two parts - penna and ear canal. Penna is a flower-like structure that is visible from outside. The main function of the penna is to guide the sounds present in the ear to the ear canal. The ear canal is a narrow tube whose function is to carry the sound to the eardrums, the first component of the middle ear.


Middle ear: It contains the eardrum, which is also called the tympanic membrane. It is a tightly stretched membrane that vibrates whenever a sound wave strikes it. Beyond the eardrum, there exist three interconnected bones called hammer, anvil, and stirrup. The main function of the middle ear is to amplify the sounds. 


Inner earThe inner ear consists of a liquid-filled coiled tube called cochlea that resembles a snail in shape. The cochlea is connected to the stirrup and has special sensory cells called hair cells from which tiny hair like structures project out. These hair cells are connected to the auditory nerve that is connected to the brain. The function of the auditory nerve is to send electrical signals to the brain for the processing of sound.


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Updated on: 29-Mar-2023


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