Untreated human excreta is a health hazard. Explain.

 Untreated human excreta can cause a lot of health-related problems. It pollutes water, air, and soil. It can also pollute the groundwater. The polluted water contains disease-causing bacteria that can spread epidemics like cholera, meningitis, typhoid, hepatitis, dysentery, etc. The germs of these types of diseases can easily reach the human population through air, water, or insects and through contaminated food and water and may even lead to the death of several people.

[Extra information: Water cleaning is the process of eliminating all undesirable elements from water, like biological contaminants, dust, pollutants, dirt, etc.

Wastewater: Water from the kitchen used for washing dishes, etc. is known as wastewater.

Sewage: Wastewater released from homes, industries, hospitals and other public buildings is known as sewage. Sewage is the part of wastewater that is contaminated with feces or urine. These are carried off by sewers. There is an intricate system of sewers presents everywhere known as the sewer system.The process of wastewater treatment is known as sewage treatment.]


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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