There are ten tubewells in a lane of fifty houses. What could be the long-term impact on the water table?

The effect on the water table depends on the replenishment of underground water. If there are ten tubewells in a lane of fifty houses then only five families will share a tubewell, the water used for daily domestic purposes will not affect the water table. But if there is a shortage of rains, the water used by the family will not be replenished and the water table will fall down. 

[Extra information: As the name suggests, groundwater is the water present under the ground that is below the Earth's surface. It is cheaper than surface water, more convenient, and less prone to contamination. It is the only form of water that is suitable for drinking. By drilling or digging a well or by pumping, groundwater can be procured. But overpumping lowers the level of water and increases the soil's salinity. The water table is the upper surface of the ground that is filled with water. Overpopulation, increased Industrialisation, and Deforestation is primarily responsible for water scarcity.]


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