The tip of seconds’ hand of a dock takes 60 seconds to move once on the circular dial of the clock. If the radius of the dial of the clock be 10.5 cm, calculate the speed of the tip of the seconds’ hand of the clock.

Radius of the dial of the cclock $r=10.5\ cm$

Time taken to complete one round $t=60\ sec=1\ minute$

Therefore, speed of the tip $=\frac{distance}{time}$

$=\frac{circumference\ of\ dial}{time}$

$=\frac{2\pi r}{t}$

$=\frac{2\times\frac{22}{7}\times10.5}{1\ minute}$

$=66\ cm/minute$

Thus, the speed of the tip of the clock is $66\ cm/minute$.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022

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