The electron configurations of three elements A, B, and C are given below:A) 2, 8, 1B) 2, 8, 7
C) 2,4
  1. Which of these elements is a metal?
  2. Which of these elements are non-metals?
  3. Which two elements will combine to form
    1. an ionic bond, and
    2. a covalent bond?
  4. Which element will form an anion of valency 1?

(a) A is metal as it has one electron in its last shell.

(b) B and C are non-metals as they have more than 3 electrons in their outer shell.

(c) A and B combine to form an ionic bond as A donates its electron to B.

(d) B and C combine to form a covalent bond as they share electrons to form a compound.

(e) B will form an anion with valency 1 since it needs only 1 electron to complete its octet.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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