The atom of an element X has 7 electrons in its M shell.(a) Write the electronic configuration of element X.(b) What is the atomic number of element X?(c) Is it a metal or a non-metal?(d) What type of ion will be formed by an atom of element X? Write the symbol of the ion formed.(e) What could element X be?

(a) Electronic configuration of the element X is
     Element X:         K      L      M  
                                    2      8      7 
(b) Atomic number of the element X will be 17.

(c) Element X is a non-metal because it has 7 electrons in its outermost orbit. In order to complete its octet ( 8 electrons), it will gain one electron. An element that gains electrons in order to complete its octet is a non-metal.

(d) The element will form an anion by gaining an extra electron in order to complete its octet.
 The symbol of an ion of X will be X.

(e) X is Chlorine.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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