Name the spherical mirror used as:
(a) Shaving mirror
(b) Rear view mirror in vehicles
(c) Reflector in search-lights

(a) Shaving mirror- Concave mirror 

A concave mirror is used in a shaving mirror because when the concave mirror is placed very close to the object, a magnified and virtual image is obtained.

(b) Rearview mirror - Convex mirror 

A convex mirror is used as a rear-view mirror in vehicles because it forms a diminished erect image. So it gives a wider field of view, which allows the driver to see most of the traffic behind him.

(c) Reflector in search-lights - Concave mirror 

When the bulb of the searchlight is placed at the focus of a concave mirror, it allows the light to spread out to longer distances(infinity) and they are almost parallel


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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