Name the method used to separate cream from curd.

Centrifugation is the method used to separate cream from curd. 

[Extra information: 

Centrifugation is a technique used for the separation of particles from a solution according to their size, shape, density, the viscosity of the medium, and rotor speed. The particles are suspended in a liquid medium and placed in a centrifuge tube. The tube is then placed in a rotor and spun at a defined speed.

Example: If we put some milk in a centrifugation machine and spin it rapidly, the cream separates from the milk because the cream is less dense than milk.

Applications of the centrifugation process are as follows:

1. To separate two or more miscible substances.

2. To purify bacterial, fungal, plant, or mammalian cells.

3. To remove fat from milk to produce skimmed milk.

4. To clarify and stabilize the wine.

5. In pathology and forensic research laboratories, separate urine components, blood components, etc.]


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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