In what ways does a clinical thermometer differ from an ordinary thermometer?

Both ordinary and clinical thermometers are used to measure the hotness or coldness of substances. 

The clinical thermometer is used to measure the body's temp. but an ordinary thermometer is used to measure any object's temperature. The clinical thermometer range is from 35o to 42Celsius whereas the ordinary laboratory thermometer range is from -10o to 110o Celsius.

Clinical thermometer has a kink whereas the laboratory thermometer doesn't have kink. Since clinical thermometer has a kink the temperature does not fall on its own after removing from the persons mouth. This helps in taking reading after removing from the person. To lower the mercury level again, a small jerk is needed.
Since ordinary thermometer does not have a kink, the temperature changes immediately. So reading has to be taken while the thermometer is in contact with object


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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