In the F2 generation of a cross, progeny having different traits are produced in the ratio 3:1. State whether it is a monohybrid cross or a dihybrid cross? Give one example of such a cross.

This cross is an example of a monohybrid cross as it involved only one characteristic, the height of the plant into consideration.

 In the F1 generation, all the plants will be tall, while in the F2 generation, out of four plants, three will be tall and one dwarf.


In pea plant, when pure tall pea plant (TT) is crossed with pure short (tt) plant,

F1 generation will be all Tt (tall plant).

                                        (Pure Tall)   TT        x        tt   (Pure short) 

F1 generation                                                 Tt    (All tall plant)

Self-pollination                                 Tt         x         Tt

F2 generation                         TT           Tt           Tt           tt

                                                     1                      2                     1

Thus, the ratio of pure tall plants (TT) to heterozygous breed tall plants (Tt) to pure short plants (tt) is 1:2:1.


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Updated on: 20-Mar-2023


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