In printed scientific names, only the _____ is capitalized.

(a) Class
(b) Species
(c) Genus

Correct Answer(c) Genus


 In printed scientific names, only the genus name is capitalized.

Binomial means having two terms.  It is the biological system of naming the organisms in which the name is composed of a two-term naming system. It uses two different terms to name the species, plants, animals, and living organisms. It is also known as Binary Nomenclature.

The two terms consist of a generic epithet which is a genus (category) of that species, and a specific epithet that indicates the species itself.

This two-term naming system can also use some other different languages to create such scientific names. These scientific names are unique and help in identifying organisms anywhere in the world. 

Example: Rana Temporaria ( Common Frog). Here, rana is the generic name and temporaria is the specific name.


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Updated on: 12-Jan-2023


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