If one gram of sulphur contains x atoms, calculate the number of atoms in one gram of oxygen element.(Atomic masses : S = 32 u ; O = 16 u)

1g  sulphur contains x atoms
We know that equal moles of all substances contain an equal number of molecules (1 mole of all substances contains 6.022 × 1023 molecules).
Therefore, the ratio of molecules in sulphur and oxygen will be the same as their ratio of moles.
1g of S = 1/32 moles of S
Now, 1/32 moles of S contain x molecules (given).
Since an equal number of molecules are present in equal moles of all substances, 1/32 moles of oxygen will also contain x number of molecules.

Number of moles in 1g of oxygen:
1 mole of O = 16g
16g  O = 1 mole of O
Therefore, 1g  O2 = 1/16 moles of O2
1/32 moles of oxygen contain x molecules;
Therefore, 1/16 mole of oxygen will contain
= x × 32 / 16
= 2x molecules
Hence, 1 gram of oxygen consists of 2x the number of sulphur molecules.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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