How To Multiply a Improper Fraction ???

Q) How to multiply improper fractions?


Improper fractions are those fractions whose numerators are greater than their denominators.

Examples: 5/3, 11/7, 19/15 and so on

Improper fractions can be converted into mixed fractions and vice versa

Improper fractions can be multiplied with whole numbers, with other fractions and so on

It's easy to multiply fractions by mixed fractions or whole numbers. Start by turning your mixed fractions or whole numbers into improper fractions. Then multiply the numerators of both improper fractions. Multiply the denominators and simplify your result.

Example: a) Multiply 11/3 by 3/4

11/3 x 3/4 = 11/4 Answer

b) Multiply 15/9 x 7 = 15/9 x 7/1 = (15 x 7)/(9x1) = 105/9 = 35/3 Answer

c) 13/10 x 3 1/2 = 13/10 x 7/2 = (13x7)/(10x2) = 91/20 Answer


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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