How the presence of Carbohydrates can be tested in a sample solution?

Carbohydrates are the necessary nutrients in food that provide energy to perform daily activities. For example, cereals such as wheat, rice, maize, oats, and barley are good sources of carbohydrates. 

(i) Carbohydrates can be tested using Fehling's solution. Adding a mixture of Fehling's solution to the sample leads to the formation of a red precipitate that confirms the presence of carbohydrates in the sample.

(ii) To analyze carbohydrates in a given sample, an iodine solution can also be used. When starch is detected, iodine, which is yellow-orange in color, turns blue-black. The color shows the presence of starch and helps in measuring the concentration of starch and carbs in the food we consume.

As carbohydrates provide the required energy to perform daily activities, cereals have a more significant proportion of our daily meals.

Carbohydrates are present in mainly two forms: sugar and starch.


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