How can you obtain pure water from a salt-water mixture (or salt-solution)? Draw a neat and labelled diagram of the apparatus you would use to obtain pure water from a salt-water mixture (or salt-solution).

We can obtain pure water from a saltwater mixture (or salt solution) by the process of distillation. 
The following steps underlying the process are as follows:
  1. The salt water mixture is taken in a distillation flask and heated subsequently.
  2. On heating, water vapours have formed that rise up and come through the side tube B. It is then passed through condenser C.
  3. Cold water from the tap is circulated in the outer tube of the condenser so that the hot vapours are cooled.
  4. The vapours condense and are collected in another beaker. This pure water is called distilled water.
  5. Salt, being non-volatile, remains in the flask and can be obtained later.

Figure: Diagram showing separation of salt and water using distillation


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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