How a piece of iron can be converted into a temporary magnet? Explain with a diagram.

Temporary magnets are those magnets that lose their magnetism after a short period of time.

Example- Paperclips, iron nails and other similar items.

Pieces of iron or other materials can be made magnets by rubbing them with natural magnets or passing direct current through a wire wound around them which is commonly known as an electromagnet.

To magnetize a piece of iron material, it is repeatedly rubbed or stroked in the same direction from one end of a permanent magnet (bar magnet) and this process is known as the Single touch method or Stroking method.

The procedures for converting a piece of iron into a temporary magnet are as follow:

  • Keep the piece of iron on a solid surface (like a wooden table) which is to be made a magnet.
  • Take a bar magnet and hold one end of the bar magnet in your hand and keep the other end of bar magnet at one end of the iron piece.
  • Gently rub it along the length of the piece of iron.
  • Keep repeating this activity for about 30 - 40 times in the same direction. 
  • In order to test whether the iron strip has become a magnet or not, bring some iron nails near it and observe.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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