Give two reasons why different electrical appliances in a domestics circuit are connected in parallel.

Different electrical appliances in a domestic circuit are connected in parallel due to the following reasons:
1. In a parallel connection, if one of the appliances is switched off or gets fused, there is no effect on the other appliances and they keep on operating.
2. In a parallel connection, all the electrical appliances are operated on the same voltage i.e., the mains supply voltage.

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Parallel Connection is the connectivity of two or more components (e.g bulb) connected to the same node and both the sides of the components are connected directly to the battery or any other source.

In simple terms, Parallel Connection is the connectivity of two or more components in which all of the positive battery terminals are connected together and all of the negative battery terminals are connected together. The parallel-connected components form multiple paths or loops.

In this connection, the same voltage is present across all over the circuit. Even if one component breaks down in this connection, then the other components will function properly as each has its own independent circuit.


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